In 2014, the Clapton Ultras launched a campaign in conjunction with the anti-racist campaign group Newham Monitoring Project, following failed attempts by a minuscule fascist group to persuade football authorities to take action against the Clapton Ultras’ “political flags”.

A statement supported by a number of organisations said:


Everything racists hate about east London – its diversity, multiculturalism and greater tolerance – are the reasons why we are proud to call it home.

East London has changed enormously since the summer of 1980, when fascist skinheads murdered teenager Akhtar Ali Baig in East Ham for a £5 bet. Three decades on, our east London is more tolerant, more diverse, a place we are proud to call home.

This hasn’t happened by accident: it has taken years of constant resistance to racism by black communities and local campaigners. Nor is the struggle over. Whether it involves combating racist violence, opposing bigotry against new immigrants or challenging discrimination by public bodies, that activism continues to this day.

We believe a diverse, tolerant, anti-racist east London is worth supporting and defending. 


In June 2015, we organised the ‘Proudly East London football’ tournament in Mile End – an event, sponsored by Fans for Diversity, that brought together grassroots football teams from across east London to promote inclusion. Teams playing included a Clapton FC side, Hackney Wick FC, Football Beyond Borders, Stonewall FC, Enfield Town Ultras, Jewdas, FC United of Manchester’s London supporters, East End Phoenix and, of course, a Clapton Ultras team.

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