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Clapton FC & Sporting Bengal put rivalry aside.

Blogpost – Rob C.

Trying to explain the importance of local bragging rights to non-football-minded folk can be sort of tricky if you’re generally out to avoid looking petty. The honour of being slightly better than your neighbours is as high as aspirations ever go for a lot of clubs, with historic frictions and factions taking on greater significance because you happen to be down the road from each other. In most cases, not to give some extra stick in a derby, not to leave the occasional foot in, can kinda come off looking a bit dismissive or aloof to your nearest and dearest.

(Much love, Bari)

For whatever reason, these rules of time honoured local umbrage have never really applied to the blues from Mile End, Sporting Bengal United. This is even after the yearly struggle Clapton have of ever getting any points off of them; the events of November 2013 still haunt our nightmares. For a lot of Tons fans, Bengal, for their hospitality, good football and for the East London Iniesta, Sarfraz Pivano, are a second team in the ESL and is often the first fixture many look for if a Clapton game is called off.

Clapton-FC Clapton-Ultras Sporting-Bengal-United Foodbank

Sporting Bengal donation to Clapton FC foodbank collection.

This made their donation box to our food bank collection on Saturday an ideal way to kick off a festive fixture between the two clubs. The gesture shows what is beyond local bragging rights is solidarity and cooperation for issues that affect our shared community and the part football clubs can play in being an important asset to the people who live closest to them. A genuine huge thank you to Anwar Uddin, Steve Clark and everyone at Sporting Bengal. We can’t wait for the return fixture in March. Always love a trip to Mile End.

Also, special shout to young Ton, George for bringing out a bucket of chocolates for everyone on Saturday. Proper ultra.

Clapton FC vs Sporting Bengal match report –

Clapton FC – Sporting Bengal United FC