We’ve had a lot of column inches and media coverage at Clapton over the last few seasons, probably a bit more than a club with our level of support really merits. Some of the stuff has been really welcome, particularly from local press, non-commercial football blogs and fanzines as well as from some politically aligned groups.

However, some people who have come to the Old Spotted Dog just to take photographs and conduct interviews have often ended up intruding on those who just want to enjoy the match. Many fans feel uncomfortable having their faces shown online without their consent for a number of different reasons. Media coverage has also, in the past, brought negative repercussions; from football authorities opportunistically cracking down on supporters to the increased risk of far-right attention.

Much of the stuff that has been written about the supporters at Clapton often ends up saying more or less same thing as previous articles. This often becomes quite repetitive for us and seems to only really benefit the publications themselves, rather than our football club. (although some of the more creative insults in comment sections are good for a laugh).

If you’re approaching from a national media publication, in our experience, it usually isn’t in our interests to work too closely or to be too involved.

If you’re a local journalist, student, football blogger, groundhopper, website, ‘zine, or producing something that is close to/matches our ideals and values and want to write about or have questions on Clapton, feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help out with enquiries. Send us over an email – claptonultras@riseup.net

Again, we do ask anyone reporting on Clapton FC or its supporters to avoid publishing pictures in which photographs of individuals, taken without their consent, are clearly identifiable. We have often had to ask people taking crowd photos or filming within the Scaffold to put away their cameras to this end. We’re just here to support our team!

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Clapton FC players celebrate win with fans.