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Next Steps?? Jerry.

20 Dec 2017, 15:24

Just wondering what people think of this idea?
In light of what happened this week with Jerry and the publicity that this has generated it seems that Vince is under a lot of pressure. However, we still don’t have a date for the liquidation case and he seems to be clinging on regardless. Is it therefore time to take things up a notch? And, what might be done?
One idea I had is that we could make a call for all players to boycott playing for Clapton altogether.
With respected players and coaching staff such as Andre, and now Jerry, being forced out of the club, I imagine that there will be a number of players who no longer want to turn out for the team and/or would be more than willing to stand by their team mates in making a stand.
I suggest: we make a call for all players in the ESL/Clapton to stand with Real Clapton and Clapton Ultras and refuse to turn out for Clapton FC again until there is either regime change or, at the very least, a proper diligent inquiry by the FA/ESL (Whoever would do such a thing).
Obviously, this would be a hard thing to do and for some would be really difficult to swallow as there would be no games and we would have to stand back and willingly watch as the team slid down the league week on week but if Vince is unable to even field a team for several weeks surely he doesn’t have a football club! Also, I’m not sure about league rules, but would this mean a fine each week?
I also wonder whether this might already be happening in one way or another. Jonny and Vince are clearly struggling to find players as we have been without a recognised keeper for weeks and, this is pure speculation, but seeing as the argument between Jerry and Jon happened before last week’s dubiously postponed game, was it the case that they couldn’t actually get enough players together?
What does everyone think?

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Re: Next Steps?? Jerry.

21 Dec 2017, 13:14

I wonder if this is already happening in an informal way.

We didn't know about the Jerry situation until the 18th, but the conversation between Jerry and Jonny had been on the 8th & 9th.

Just speculating but maybe some players heard about all this before the fans did, which perhaps then made it difficult for the regime to get a team together for the 16th, hence the waterlogged/frozen pitch affair.

There was no way that the regime were going to admit to not getting a team together because of issues with players, so they blamed the weather instead.

Either way, there's a definite sense of the regime upping the ante. I hope it's out of desperation.

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Re: Next Steps?? Jerry.

21 Dec 2017, 14:37

We'll get an idea on Saturday when we see which players turn out.

Desperation and/or plain mishandling and total lack of any leadership seems to be the thing.

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