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BK Frem

29 Apr 2016, 14:38

As you remember, 15 people from BK Frem came to visit us the day we had our Football V Homophobia day.

I was in touch with one of them (he's also in the board of the team) and he wrote me a little update on how they're doing (traying to use automatic translation for danish is a nightmare).
We're doing good. Started out the spring at full speed but has lost the last two games. We're hoping for a promotion at the end of the spring. Even though we lost the last two we're still in 2nd place - and three gets promoted. But it's very close. There's 12 teams in the playoffs for promotion and there's still 10 teams within six points off promotion-spot. So it's going to be quite tight.
Lot's of things going on though. Last game we had a visit from some dutch fans who travelled to Copenhagen to see FREM and we've almost had an average of 2.000 at our home games - which is miles from the common standard in the 3rd tier of Danish football.
We've been working a lot with a big fuindraising campaign for the club which has so far raised almost 15.000 pounds! So a lot of things happen here :)

This is the video that "we" made for the fundraising campaign. I tried to translate the narrators story:

"There’s football teams. And there’s football clubs. What is a club? A community. A unity. Where everyone contributes what they can to achieve a common goal. One of the oldest clubs in the country is FREM. An important community in the part of Copenhagen which have not had anything given for free. A community for children, youths and parents. Where there is no difference between high and low and there’s room for everyone who is a good friend. It is the community you rely on when life is difficult. It’s you community you rely on even in adversity. That is how things is done in FREM; men now we are moving towards brighter times. And there is room for more in our community. There’s room for you in our community and in our club life."
You can see the video here:
Ubumwe, Ibikorwa, Iterambere


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