Clapton Ultras boycott of home games

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Clapton FC fans, including the Clapton Ultras, have boycotted all home games in the 2017/8 season so far – and the boycott continues. This follows on from a shorter boycott in 2016/7 season.

But what is the dispute all about? Here is what you need to know about the Clapton FC fans and Clapton Ultras boycott.

The 2016-2017 Clapton Ultras boycott

The relationship between CU and Clapton FC started cracking when ticket prices went up without warning (the ‘official’ website stated the older prices for a while) during the 2016/2017 season. After months of boycott and several meetings between us and the Regime, we reached agreement to solve the issue: halving the price increase, but committing the Club to a fairer concessions rate. Read more here:

The Old Spotted Dog Ground and the 2017/2018 Clapton Ultras boycott

In April 2017 we sadly had to call for help to save our ground and the future of Clapton FC ( ).
Vince McBean, pressed by the Charity Commission to report on his activities regarding the management of the ground, declared the charity holding the lease on the OSD was in liquidation with a debt of £200k.

How is it possible that despite the highest attendance in the league, the rent of the ground to Hackney Wick FC, rent of the club house and the ground for events, and other revenue streams, Newham Community Leisure Ltd – whose Chief Executive is Vincent McBean – could pile up such a debt?

We therefore decided to support the Real Clapton FC boycott of home games ( ) as we didn’t want to support any activity of Vince McBean: the money paid on the gate would fund McBean’s legal costs and jeopardises the future of this historic ground and our club.


There is serious allegations of mismanagement of the Newham Community Leisure Trust (NCLT), which holds the lease to the ground, who are currently under investigation by the Charity Commission.

Until these allegations are solved – we won’t return to the Scaffold.

We strongly believe the club should be run fairly and cooperatively, and in a way that appreciates, encourages and values the Ultras and what we do – within the local community, groups we support and with groups that show us support.

Until Clapton FC is run transparently, with open membership, we won’t return to the Scaffold.