Clapton Ultras 2017


It’s always difficult to review a year. Anything can happen in 12 months and in 2017 A LOT happened to Clapton Ultras.

We’ve gone through highs and lows, but this has made us stronger and more determined to support the team, challenge the regime and keep our fights on a political level.

This is a quick look at our 5th year in existence – which itself is an achievement. We are proud of what we’ve done, and it’s made us even more determined to keep doing the right thing.

We want to thank anybody who got involved, who showed their support, who stood with us physically or in spirit, whoever made us feel less alone when we felt a bit lost (we all do don’t we?) and the ones who enjoyed the happy moments.

Our 5th Anniversary

It’s not easy to explain how amazing the anniversary weekend was for us. Sisters and brothers from around the world came to visit us and we had three days packed of events, football, partying, discussion and drinking. Clapton Ultras here for 10 in a row. 10 in a row!

The Boycott

This has been a year of standing up and fighting for supporters’ rights – to watch our Club without unexpected and unjustified price rises, keep it alive and to keep the historic ground, our beloved Spotted Dog, safe. If you still don’t know the details, read more about the issues we’re facing here:

Last home game of 2016/2017 season

At the end of the 16/17 season, which turned into the last Clapton FC home game we attended before starting our boycott, we had a chance to celebrate two CFC legends: Geoff Ocran (who played his last game) and Jerry Jairette (who celebrated 10 years with the club before being pushed away in the past days by the regime). Clapton FC finished runners-up in the League – their best placing in 34 years.

Friday night football

“The harder you hit, the stronger we get” – Clapton Ultras away at Barkingside FC

When we had the chance to support our team away, we made sure the players understood we were still behind them. We also got the chance to enjoy two nights of Friday Night Football this season, once at Mile End Stadium when Clapton faced Tower Hamlets FC and once away at Barkingside FC.


Proudly East London 2017

Our third annual PEL tournament saw teams from across the country and our community come together for a two-day event. We held a screening of Ayaktakimi on the Friday, before the Clapton FC, Easton Cowgirls, and Ashfield Tourny teams claimed well-earned victories on the Saturday.

Forest Gate Festival & Forest Gayte Festival

It’s really important for us to interact positively and meaningfully in Forest Gate, where Clapton play. We held a stall at the annual Forest Gate Festival, and had a presence at the first ever Forset Gayte Festival. It was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and make new connections –  hopefully we can continue supporting these events in the future.

Games ban

Another low – despite a good relationship with other clubs in the Essex Senior League, we found ourselves unwelcome at two of our games. You can read the full story on CFC News.

Toy Appeal and campaigns

Particular campaign highlights of the year include the women organising and showing that their place is, as ever, in the Scaffold. We showed solidarity with friends at home and abroad – but also managed to continue raising money for worthwhile causes, such as Lola’s Homeless in Newham, and £460 for Newham Recorder’s Christmas Toy Appeal, despite undergoing a boycott. Imagine if we had been attending home games!

Edson & Rashan campaign

We are also proud to be supporting the Justice for Edson & Justice for Rashan campaigns. Edson da Costa and Rashan Charles were both killed by the Metropolitan Police this Summer – we’ll be supporting the campaigns and families in the upcoming months.

Friends and support

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Finally, a big thank you to all of our friends in Europe and beyond. We were lucky enough to visit some of you this season and participate in your tournaments and watch your teams – here’s to continuing friendship and stronger bonds!