5 Years of Clapton Ultras – Support the team, not the regime!

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On Saturday, for one day only, the Ultras once again packed the Scaffold – our Scaffold. It’s where we belong, it’s where we’re at our best, and it was the only place we could truly celebrate our fifth anniversary.

Five years of passionate support, 90-minute walls of noise and colour, and record crowds, home and away.

Five years watching the team rise from the basement of the Essex Senior League to reach cup finals and title challenges.

Five years of building common cause with our neighbours, working with local campaigners and schoolchildren, providing solidarity with allies from our doorstep or halfway around the world.

Five years of uncompromising antifascism, anti-sexism, and anti-homophobia.

Five great years and we look forward to many, many more.

Saturday was all five years rolled into one glorious afternoon. We want to thank our friends and comrades from all over Europe, as well as new guests from within the UK, all of whom made the day special not just by standing and singing with us but also by making a great donation towards our local foodbank. We made it to a numbers of around 785, not seen at the Old Spotted Dog in the ESL in decades.

Our celebrations and tifo received incredible coverage in the media – with the BBC and the Guardian covering the game, and Twitter exploding over our huge numbers.

And best of all, the Tons won. It was the perfect way to mark our fifth anniversary. It was an away game which allowed us back in. And our boycott continues so home games will be a very different affair. You’ll find the ultras outside the Old spotted Dog asking you not to go in and to respect our boycott.

The home boycott remains in place. Join us.

If this was your first time coming across us then we hope that this is the start of a sustained interest in Clapton. The club needs us now and you can support us too.

We stand with Real Clapton and their call to boycott in the aim to see Clapton once again run as the members club it always was until the current regime began. That’s why we will continue to refuse to fund the current ‘owner’ as he seeks to push through the liquidation of the Old Spotted Dog ground. This is a regime which is actively endangering 130 years of footballing history in Forest Gate, and which treats us fans and the club’s heritage with contempt.

When the season started, we did not take the decision to boycott lightly and frivolously. It is hard work, but we are committed. If you really like what we do, then we hope we have your solidarity and support as the footballing community in the country and around the world.

Don’t go into the Spotted Dog. Don’t give Vince McBean your money.

Help us reinstate Clapton as the members club it always was. Back the boycott for home matches, and join us on the terraces at our forthcoming away games:

18 Oct, 7.45pm
Sporting Bengal v Clapton Mile
End Stadium, E3 4HL

21 Oct, 3pm
Maccabi London Lions v Clapton
Rowley Lane Ground, EN5 3HW

4 Nov, 3pm
Hullbridge v Clapton
Hullbirdge Sports Club, SS5 6BJ

7 Nov, 7.45pm
Southend Manor v Clapton
Southchurch Park, SS1 2XB

10 Nov, 7.45pm
Barkingside v Clapton
Cricklefield Stadium, IF1 1FY