Clapton Ultras in New York

News, Solidarity

A preview screening of the “Clapton Ultras” documentary took place in New York City on Thursday 18th May 2017.

The screening was jointly organised by Brigada 71, Eastrevs Record, and a few Clapton Ultras who were visiting the city.

Brigada 71 (also known as Cosmopolitan Antifascists) were founded in 2016, when antifascist supporters of New York Cosmos decided to come together to use weekly matches and events to also organise politically. They stand as part of 5 Points – the collective of Cosmos supporters groups – at their MCU Park home ground in Coney Island. The group organised a 5,000 strong anti-Trump rally in 2016, and continue to organise solidarity events and community fundraisers – including a recent “No Borders” campaign along with fans in Mexico and Canada, collectively raising $440 for food, water, and supplies for migrants coming to the US.

Eastrev Records was established in 2006, as a way of promoting a more politically conscious and diverse punk scene around NYC and the North East. They kindly provided the venue for the screening.

About 20 people attended the screening, including friends and comrades from NYC St Pauli, NYC Antifa, and various local football enthusiasts. The documentary was extremely well received by all who were present!

The visiting Ultras talked a bit about Clapton Ultras’ history, our values, and our work both in the stands and in our communities. We also explained about the on-going problem affecting our club and ground, the context around the fan boycott of home games, as well as the latest update on the Real Clapton FC’s campaign to take back control of the club for its fans and the local community.

We also learned a lot about the challenges (and the joys) of organising as antifascist supporters in the North American soccer scene.

The attendees generously donated about $110 to the action fund! Every penny of this will be used to help us fight for our club.

The Clapton Ultras convey our sincere thanks to our comrades and new friends for their solidarity, and look forward to welcoming anyone visiting London from NY to join us for a game in the future!