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Clapton’s future is in serious peril – Vince McBean is attempting to liquidate the charitable trust that operates London’s oldest Senior ground. McBean is claiming that the trust has racked up £200k in debt. We are worried what this means for our club; it may see Clapton homeless, at worst it means that we could potentially lose the club altogether. We are standing together with Real Clapton FC to ensure there is still a future for Clapton FC and to return this historic club to the fans and local community.

As Ultras we have built links and nurtured relationships with our community. We have built relationships with schools and its students, food banks, charities, campaign groups, other teams, fan groups and other active groups in the area. We have helped grow an inclusive space for all to enjoy affordable football and have been shown solidarity from those who have supported us through our recent boycott.

Clapton Ultras have previously asked for your generosity over the years in raising funds for charities, food banks and other causes close to our hearts. We now need your help to save the club itself – the heart that drives our organising and energies.

Real Clapton have been raising money through Go Fund Me, merchandise and membership fees but we need to do more and soon. Clapton Ultras are urging you to support Real Clapton by donating to the legal fighting funds. We are trying to help them reach their £10k target by raising £5k over the next 30 days.
Without it Clapton FC, London risks losing another historic club and a real alternative to modern football.

We want the club to be run fairly and cooperatively, and in a way that appreciates, encourages and values the Ultras and what we do – within the local community, groups we support and with groups that show us support.

So friends, comrades, fellow football fans and all that have enjoyed coming to the Dog over the years, CU are asking for your support once again to save the club and return Clapton FC to the community and its fans.

Please donate what you can.

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