A message of thanks from Clapton Ultras to players and staff

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Players and staff always thank us for our support at the end we of each game. Now we want to thank you.

In 2016 you have brought the club’s first silverware in decades. We have seen you continue season-on-season improvements. As we speak the team is in nosebleed territory in the league. The ambition and determination among the players is palpable – and shared by us all.

On top of this, though, you have also whole-heartedly supported the Ultras in our efforts to make Clapton FC a different kind of place to watch football – contributing to our food bank and toy appeal, taking part in the Footy Ultras’ activities, participating in our Proudly East London tournament, and supporting our anti-racism and anti-homophobia work.

Together we have built something very special, and this above all is what we want to preserve.

We hope you understand that, as Clapton fans, we felt no option but to take the action we began last Tuesday. We believed we were moving forwards in our communications with the club’s chief executive, but the price rises and invasive security checks that were introduced without notice or discussion was a slap in the face for the loyalty we have shown and which we know you value.

We would like to see the ticket price rise reversed, and an end to the over-zealous security (which we gather even some of you are subjected to).

We call on Vince McBean to meet with Clapton fans urgently so that we can set things right together.

In the meantime, please know that our loyalty is stronger than ever.

We win together, not just on the pitch but off it, as well.